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Or did it not come with greatest hits package?
It's a 16 bit windows program. As far as I know. That makes it incompatible with modern windows 64 systems. It might partially work on windows 32 bit systems, but it may also have things that are only compatible with files from earlier versions of windows.

I have it running in a dosboxed version of windows 3.1.
The native DOS version of The Laffer Utilities would still probably work fine in DOSBox, but the only version of the program I know of that's been archived was the Windows port. If the DOS version is out there, I know not where.

Not that you're missing out on much, really. It's just a badly-dated* "infotainment" product from the early '90s that was more or less a Print Shop clone mixed with simple databases for dirty jokes, places to go for lunch, office pools, and stuff like that. I'd like to have it included for the sake of completeness, but it's not worth losing sleep over IMO.

* - With Larry, is there any other kind of date?
I didn't even know there was a dos version.
To resurrect an old thread, since I was reinstalling The Laffer Utilities today...

If anyone needs the DOS version (it has worse graphics/less colours than the Windows port, be warned), I have it and it works in DosBox, albeit about as well as you can expect from an old Print Shop spoof. I've found I'm able to print to a file, that I can then print, if I ever needed any of the silly things you can make with it!
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