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I know this is an obnoxious and difficult to answer question, so I apologize up front.

I am at the very end of LSL7, meaning all I have to do is give the stock certificate to the captain and get the final 25 points. The problem is, I currently only have 974 points. I went through a walkthrough and three different points lists, line for line, and I can't find anything I haven't done. The first points list I went through, I found a few small things I had missed (mostly things I forgot to "look" at before utilizing) but I went back and corrected those and got the points.

Can anyone think of any obscure, single-point actions that are easily or commonly missed? And just to save you some trouble, I HAVE looked at the "about" screen and gotten that point.

If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks a ton!
I think there's a point to be had when you're backstage messing with the sound equipment but you won't be able to go back for it afterward.
Well I did the whole "Feel" thing on the mixer. Not sure if I did much else back there. Don't remember seeing anything about that in any point list but I will load up an earlier save and see if anything is there. Thanks!
Did you eat the bean dip and fart any place but the craps table? Did you turn on the remote control in the inventory?
groo1138: Did you eat the bean dip and fart any place but the craps table? Did you turn on the remote control in the inventory?
I just checked. And no, I've done both of those. :/
Here's a list I've drawn up. You can also miss points if you open the locker in the break room without asking Peggy anything, and you can miss more points by typing in conversation topics (for example, you talk about 'Fokker' with Drew Baringmore without reading the book in the library). These are not listed because if you want 100% you should know better.

There are eight ways to score points that you have to be careful with because you cannot go back and get them:

(3) Meet the Juggs in the poop deck before watching their show.
(1) Turn on the chase lights before attaching them to the spike.
(1) Present the quiche to the judges before adding Orgasmic powder.
(1) Read Jamie Lee's note before doing the show.
(1) Smell Annette B Boning's handkerchief before applying KZ sexual lubricant.
(2) Take the bowling ball before applying the treated handkerchief. This is a nasty one, you can apply the handkerchief to the ball while it is in the chute, and Larry will pick it up, but you won't get points for picking it up if you do this.
(1) Smell Mr Boning's bed before climbing in.
(1) Use the knife on Annette B Boning before giving her the insurance policy.

These are the points you can come back for once you are ready to give Thygh the stock certificate:

(1) Visit the 'About' screen from the help menu
(1) Look at the toilet paper.
(4) Push the green button on the Lovemaster 2000.
(1) Look at the stuffed beaver in the library.
(2) Take(read) the blue book on the left shelf in the library that tells you about magnetism.
(1) Look at Vicky's computer, after slipping her the erotic book.
(3) Take (read) the magazine at the pool.
(2) Read the bulletin board in the staff room 6 times.
(1) Read the bulletin board once more to find out about Peggy's prints.
(11) Ask Peggy about Xqwsts.
(11) Ask Peggy about her peg leg.
(11) Ask the Purser for your 'Passport'. The topic will disappear after you present your photoID but you can type it in.
(6) Make six prank calls to the Purser.
(4) Press the red button in the Jugg's dressing room a second time to raise the lights.
(1) Turn on the chase lights when they are wrapped around the spike and you can see them.
(5) Watch the entire Bill Clinton standup routine. (roughly 45 minutes)
(1) In the kitchen, look at the fish in the basket.
(1) In the kitchen, look at the fish in the net.
(1) In the kitchen, look at the dog. It will disappear after cooking the quiche but you can click the empty space where it was.
(1) In the kitchen, operate the Caviar Master 2000.
(1) In the kitchen, look at the snake.
(1) After fixing the toilet, 'Crap' in it.
(1) After fixing the toilet, 'Whiz' in it.
(1) Climb the mast and look at the sail. Two corners of the sail are visible even when the sail is furled.
(1) Read Jamie Lee's note thanking you for your help.
(1) Fart somewhere other than the casino. Right next to the bean dip is fine.
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missing points click on the mixer and type feel get ear plugs the lights get the remote 1st then click on it to see if they work then pick them up and click on remote in your inventory then click the remote on the lights once you put them on the spike
look for gamer walthought for lsl 7
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