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2 questions:
Which audio settings I need to hear "Oh! Yes!" when earning points? Pretty sure that was the case when I played in the 90s.
Can you disable the speech and only see the text? How?
I don't remember that at all. With 1000 points to get I would hate that after a while.

Could it be you are thinking of the minigame "Where is dildo?" in LSL7? Every time you would find one, a "Oh Yeah!" sound followed by a jingle would be played.
Thanks neumi5694 for replying. In fact I've found an old let's play youtube video that indeed has the "Yes!" points sound.

Not sure why GOG version is different.

Cannot post links for whatever reason,
Video is named "Leisure Suit Larry 6 (1993)" on channel Stormspirit 86.
Jump to 27 secs and the sound will play 3-4 secs after..
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I'll see if I can find it, thanks.
All I remember is that little jungle you hear here when the points change from 2 to 3.
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