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Unfortunately it looks like im stupid enough in order to get health issues right at the start of the game. In theory i should be able to restore my health properly but i am unable to find a realistic way without burning all the items and all units; finally i would be without any restoring propertys left at all. But no one seems to have such issues, i am totaly confused. Either i lack something or design flaw. Inn is closed, no use at this point of the game.

My guess is that this game is pretty difficult and there is the critical need in order to have front guards without any realistic attacking abilitys at any given time. So far, this game is not made for casual play style as it seems to be totaly unforgiving. However, i am unable to tell if the difficulty may actually decrease with further progress. Guess i will have to reload the game over and over as soon as to much damage gotten in a battle. A game is not meant to be played on a dice-reload-roll, if it turns out to be the only solution it is flawed.

Edit: Issue actually solved: Found a health restoring device. Entry Design is a mess though, because for some reason i got nailed down on a unfortunate entry part of the game and i got many unfortunate hits too; the bad luck was crazy. This is exactly the spot the game may show a vulnerability in gameplay. However the general gameplay is actually pretty easy. Just very weird situation, i would consider it a "entry design flaw". But now it seems like i can crunch through this game in a casual way. The battle system itself is pretty easy and comparable to Shadow Hearts i would say. Overall design probably most likely comparable to The Legend of Dragoon but this was so long ago, i can barely remember. The traditional JRPG genre unfortunately with the "new portable device and MMORPG era" was almost wiped out (except portable devices of course), so every single JRPG or KRPG not on a mobile phone or comparable is valuable.

Anyway, stuff solved, weird situation indeed...
Of course in term someone may know some great hints for health management it is always useful writing it down. But in general as long as timing, correct attacks and guard is done the game seems easy match.

Edit2: Although issue solved, with further progress i really get the feeling that this game is lacking healing capabilities in battle. So the basic issue actually is still valid but in another shape. The newest boss battle was not truly hard but i was constantly underhealed and no good method in order to keep those numbers on the healthy range. The only character with true healing capacity got spells (for example Cure is 10% health regen) that weak it is almost hilarious. The healing items are more powerful but they are very, very very valuable, especially the strong ones. This is emercency stuff, not something used every single round. The true issue is special attacks from bosses able to wipe out not fully healed characters instantly and the permanent heal shortage. Apart from that, the game would or could be easy match.

So, the basic issue is still the same, good hints are valuable to me. Maybe have to focus on boosting VIT way more but this is just a single factor. A lot of stuff could be improved, certainly this game is more problematic to me than 100 other RPGs. Not talking about general design, this is part of a review, not a health-management-matter.

Again, i would consider the battle system easy match. Many other RPGs are another scale in tactical requirement. However, none of them got this weird health or heal issues. Able to manage it will turn the tide of battle in Legrand Legacy.
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