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Here are all the character codes to unlock secret characters in the game. All these codes have to be entered in the Extras>Enter Code section which is found in the pause menu while in-game.


EW8T6T: Ammand the Corsair

DLRR45: Angelica (Disguised)

VGF32C: Angry Cannibal

D3DW0D: Blackbeard

ZM37GT: Clanker

644THF: Clubba

4DJLKR: Davy Jones

LD9454: Govorner Weatherby Swann

Y611WB: Gunner

64BNHG: Hungry Cannibal

VDJSPW: Jack Sparrow (Musical)

BWO656: Jacoby

13GLW5: Jimmy Legs

RKED43: King George

RT093G: Koehler

GDETDE: Mistress Ching

WEV040: Phillip

RX58HU: Quartermaster

P861JO: The Spaniard