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I am planning to buy this game fom GOG just for fun. However, I do not own a gamepad, so I'm playing on keyboard. I finished the Years 1-4 already and I had no problems playing it on keyboard at all.

However, I found some disturbing discussions on Steam and other forums that this game has an annoying bug, when the game controls are restored to defaut after quitting and re-launching the game. I tried the Steam version of the game and it's true - the controls are always switched back to default setting. Those default controls are very uncomfortable for me - I am not very used to use both my hands in WASD configuration simultaneously. I don't understand it - how can be such importantfeature like game controls so fuc*ed up? Years 1-4 didn't have this issue, and both games are build up on the same engine!

So, I wanna ask whether had you guys from GOG by any chance fixed that annoying bug or not. I didn't saw any discussion about it here, so I presume you might actually fix it up, but I am not so sure, therefore I'm asking.
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