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So this seems to be a wide spread problem. Either the controller is not recognize by the game and you have to map every controls at the start of the game OR the game forces you to play with a second player when you hit any buttons on your controller.

On my part, I'm playing with a PS4 controller using DS4WIndows. I tried to Hide DS4, I tried to use DS4 input only to no avail.

What's frustrating is that I know that I succeed to play with DS4Windows at some point, that I saved the configuration but when I tried to play again, the game didn't recognize my controller.

Sometimes, using DS4 input only, I can play the game with my controller, but the second I'm touching any button, the game is forcing a second player in my game. I tried to reload everything and now the game won't recognize my controller. This seems super unstable.

I'm starting this thread to get solutions for various controller problem. Does anybody here is able to play with a PS4 controller on GOG Galaxy?

I'm not using a ps4 controller just a regular xbox compatible gamepad. However I'm also having controller issues and no solution. It was working fine until this morning my son wanted to play and the game wouldn't recognize the controller at all. I know it's there and working, the windows 10 sill game thing will popup when you hit the xbox button. I don't have a clue why Batman forgot how to talk to it. It was working just the other day.

Does anyone know how to read the goglog.ini I'm suspicious about the [1423058542_dircopy] entry?

Dir_0=C:\Users\Steven\AppData\Local\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGO Batman
SubKey_0=SOFTWARE\Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment\LEGOBatman
File_0=C:\Users\Steven\AppData\Local\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment\LEGO Batman\pcconfig.txt
Dir_0=C:\Users\Steven\AppData\Local\Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment