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My first try with Eisenwald was the Mystic, i played(grinded;) him until i got the Massspell-feat at Book 2 to use it? I activate it during battle, i loose my turn, at the next turn the mystic sys he's overflowing with ernergy but..thats it.
If i click at the "Mass-spell-button" again nothting happen, if i use one of the spells he's cast at one target even with several targets within range, holding the mouse does not work, selecting everal targets before casting a spell failed too...or if i have to use a combination i didn't find it. the hell i do use this feat?

I was so angry(all that slow&carfefull grinding for *****; i rage-erased the poor mystic and started as a Knight, but now...2/3 through the game, knowing much more about Eisenwald&the ways to play it i would love to give the mystic a 2. i hope someone can anwser my question.

regards DF1871
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it is not so complicated.

after you activate the mass spell, the next turn you have to use one the first 4 spells to have the effect
For example the Slowness spell
1st round you activate mass spell
2nd round you have select the slowness and target any subject. Than the animation say it was cast over all the ppl.