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EDIT: Implemented in v1.22

After gathering all your feedback I have decided to go with the offensive magic rebalance, which means mostly Wizards.

The rebalance will be "on the fly" so it will retroactively affect all games in progress and all new games. No matter on which version you started the game it will all work identically.

Concept (under testing):

I was thinking of scaling it based on the offensive spell level, since early Wizards are sufficiently powerful and it's only late game where the fighers get all the goodies (equipment) and Wizards seem to stay behind.

So, my idea is:
Level 1 offensive spells stay the same.
Level 10 offensive spells get +10% to damage.
Level 20 offensive spells get +25% to damage.
Level 30 offensive spells get +50% to damage.
Level 40 offensive spells get +100% to damage.

In addition:
* Friendly huts restore HP only (not MP). Just like fountains.
* Removal of the max MP bonus loophole (by exchnaging rings and resting for example). I was brooding for a while if that's a feature or a bug, but I think I will change it to a standard behaviour like in most games.
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