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i am very pleased that this game is added
it is a classic
however i started the game and there is no sound
the sound options in the game are on
is there a scummvm option i need to look at?
i will appreciate any help
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ok solved
to any who will have the same problem i put my own solution to this

its a weird thing in scummv and full screen
any way i started scummv and added the game manually
everything worked fine but in window mode
so i entered scummv configuration and override default graphic and clicked full screen
then again no sound
so i selected in gfx mode "AdvMAME3x"(could be that other selection works as well but some didn't"
and then all worked fine
but it was to manually start to the game and not by clicking the shortcut from GOG instalation
so i edited the kyra1-cd.ini
in scummv section i deleted almost everything connected to sound(so it will take the default)
i left the fullscreen=true
and added this line
and now the game runs perfectly with sound and speech