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I played Grim 2 for days and realized slowly that I just wasn't having that much fun. That surprised me as this game was an instant buy due to my love of the first. I go thru my checklist and really cant put my finger on why I am not having as much fun:

fantastic graphics: check
ease of controls: check
vast in depth levels: check
updated AI fights: check
complicated puzzles and hidden secrets: check check check

but still what is left is a grind. Maybe the very low graphics of the 1st allowed for more thrills when you found loot and allowed more immersion due to imagination taking over the plain graphics. Maybe the 1st one had a better story with each page pored over and those threatening dreams... how intriguing that was. Grim 2 there is really none of that. It feels so darn sanitized.

um, so basically what I felt was as each level opened it was a grind to map out, find the secrets, battle the new type of mobs, enjoy the new landscape but .. that was all. I really didnt care about my team mates, I didnt care or really get the storyline or why I was there. The loot was stripped of its thrill of stumbling across it due to being hidden in the lush graphics so even that reward feeling was gone.

i dunno, it has just felt so ... darn... boring. and grindy. stopped playing when I realized I was using a guide to find all the secrets without caring about trying to find them myself first.
I also am disappointed in LoG 2. I wanted to like it so much, but there are a number of things that just killed my enjoyment of the game. The lack of the same structure that gave LoG 1 a good sense of progression (start from the top, work down into more complex areas), the needlessly complicated character creation, the decision to implement lasting injuries that all but demand that you have a useless alchemist on hand, the lack of any kind of build up to harder riddles, the unforgiving combat... all of it eventually got on my tits so much that I quit the game in favor of replaying the first.
My favourite games of the last few years are Grimrock 1 and Grimrock 2, in that order.

Having completed both I probably prefer Grimrock 1. The latter stages of Grimrock 2 seemed to involve battling hordes of enemies which isn't really my 'cup of tea'. Both are brilliant though.
I'm just happy someone made these games after being starved of this genre for so long.

Still having fun playing the mods of both games. (recommended ones include Room Round Robin 2, Labyrinth Of Lies, Isle Of The Deranged (2), off the top of my head.