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I want to try a Single Run in LoG2. I'm not shure about the rass and class of the character. It depents on different things.

How many crystal flowers can you find in the game (without a farmer is alchemie interesting or not)?

What is the best for a Single Run (in hard mode)?
Human Alchemist or Human Farmer?
Alchemist: + more crystal flowers for more permanent potions (4500 steps for one more crystal flower i think)
Farmer: + 20% more EXP = more skillpoints (food is no rare item in the game, faster Levelup then normaly)

Ratling Alchemist or Ratling Farmer?
Same as Human and the extra levelup Ratling Mutation, but no 20% Human EXP, only the 25% from the pendant.

You can also answer in German.
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This may be coming a bit late, but...

The farmer doesn't have anything to do with alchemy. The alchemist is the one that generates additional herbs, and if you're only going to do a single playthrough on hard, it's a very good idea to have an alchemist along.

The farmer probably isn't great for a single playthrough; their style is different, but they're much more effective when you know the tricks to make their food-based leveling work efficiently.

A 20% XP boost isn't as big as it sounds due to the way that XP/level scales. On the whole a ratling will probably outpace a human in most regards, and it's helpful to have at least one ratling in the group to take advantage of the bonus stats from cheese (on top of Mutation).

The main benefit of a human is the extra skill point at the outset. The slightly faster leveling makes an all-spells magician much more feasible with a human (and when not abusing the Farmer mechanics).