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Hello guys,
Its needless to say and hard to deny that this LoG2 games is insane and its riddled logic stands beyond the healthy mentality by far. However though me alike, I believe as many of yours would still crave to cope up with the damn thing. And one of the way along is in using some good 'n old cheats we're used to use to curb some indocile soft for decades:) Here I'd like to share with my own piece of mind I found out about using the PC implemented cheats on especially OS X compatible systems.
Actually cheats doesn't work the same ways as they've conceived to on both PC's and Mac's. In fact the character codes tables are different and the devs they've paid no damn thus far to carry the cheats implementation out to OS X's. So lets do it my way then.
Proceed to your LoG2 .cfg file which could be found at
./Library/Application\ Support/Almost\ Human/Legend\ of\ Grimrock/grimrock.cfg':
find [cmd+f] the string and change its value to [true]
set console=true
as for the next string make sure to use this value 78
and consolekey=78
it approves of using the 'n' keyboard button on lower register of course to open us the dev's console in the game. The trick is how to type in this 'n' letter when you need to use it in a string. For this open your favorite texteditor, type 'n' into it then use your fav shortcut or menu to copy it down to the clipboard. Another trick is in how actually to paste it out to the game devs string. Of course mk sure to use the [cmd+tab] shortcut or whatever you use usualy for switching in between the spaces. Once your 'n' is copied press [CTRL+V] the same way as PC works to transit it to your command string. Voila.
This is unnecessary probably to encumber you with the detailed list of the cheats for they could easily be found on the internet. I only can say me myself I've decoded some of them out from the ingredients names in order to spawn them out. As well.
spaw[CTRL+V] - supposed to make 'spawn' so,
spawn "bloodrop_cap"
spawn "fire_bomb"
If you were found a way to cheat on into this game more neat then was described above, please make sure to share with it.