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Please upload the newest patch to GOG.
flyingsub.910: Please upload the newest patch to GOG.
Yes, can we please get the latest update to Legend Bowl! This version is very outdated and doesn't work with any of the latest MODS for the game.
Unfortunately I would always prefer GOG over STEAM bu being interested in buying this once again GOG keeps me off because they are was behind in updates.
Here we miss a number of patches, not only it needs just some more days for the update to be released.
And with a one man developer it really a ahme that this unpolished version still is being sold not representing the effort and love the developer put in this gem in the last weeks.

GOG really has to be aware thar supporting their sold products in a big part of the "game"...

I still wait for a patch of my beloved "Anstoss 2" and I even don't get any response from GOG support an this issue so I gave up hope and bought a useless game with game breaking bugs...
Post edited October 02, 2022 by Hellenstone