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I have a PS1 dualshock controller (hooked up with an adapter). For SR2, it works perfectly except for one detail: the camera rotation is using the right stick's forward-backward axis, instead of left-right which would actually make sense. Neither the game itself, nor my controller adaptor's drivers, provide options for readjusting axes, leaving me with a control scheme that works nearly-perfectly, except for this one thing that drives me crazy -- after dealing with no direct camera control in the DC version of SR1, it's nice to have the ability to rotate the camera in the sequel but having to remember Forward = Right and Backward = Left is going to drive me insane. I could just not use it, or turn off camera control completely, but if there's a way of fixing it I'd like to figure it out.

(By the way, I tried out Xpadder 5.3, thinking this might be a way to resolve the issue. To my dismay, I figured out that Xpadder is just a way of assigning keyboard keys to the controller; therefore using the thumbsticks just activates binary, on/off key presses. On top of that, because the arrow keys can't be assigned as keyboard controls, I could no longer control the menu. Because of these disadvantages, I did not find this program to be an acceptable solution. Just to be clear about that in case anyone has it in mind.)

In any case, can anyone think of a viable solution to this problem? Is there any way of realigning which joystick axis controls the camera in this game?
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