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my xpadder + ps3 controller bugs in this game somehow, raziel runs always even if i dont move a stick etc. any solutions maybe?
Soul Reaver 1 does not support analog controls. You have to either use D-Pad or bind D-Pad to analog stick.
Yeah, it's PS1 style for the most part. Way back, I just played with the keyboard. Other way is if you had a Logitech and had that selector switch but even then it feels stiff as it emulates the d-pad.
I use a dual shock 2 controller for this game. It happens to me as well. However I just plug it in via USB and it works after calibration. I found that when not using analog sticks the DPad sticks in the game and Raziel runs to the left. But when using the sticks it controls better. Try swapping from digital to analog maybe, see if that works?