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hello all ,
i buy the series in french but soul reaver 2 have menu and control mapping bugged , have you a solution ?
Same here (french version), the menus are completely messed up (sound menu leads to...keyboard configuration ?!!!?) and there is no controller detected (I used the same "trick" to get my PS4 controller but nothing happens).

So anyone having a proper fix is welcome...
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Work for me on Windows 7 x64 SP1. Must work in Win 8/10 too, but for Win 10 it depends what exactly build of Win 10. Did you have latest stable build update? For Win10 latest =/= better, but very old have own bugs (some updates introduce bugs and later be fixed) or missed improved compatible features.

I talk exactly about FRE version from GOG Downloader (offline).
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Same problem of text here, but PS4 pad works well on Win 10.
I don't remember having text issue with my retail version of the game (I had other problems, but last official patch fixed it).

I'll try to find this patch (i think it's v 1.0.2, but it's not that easy to find the one for French version) and see if reinstalling it over gog version fix things.
I may also try to install my retail version + patch and check if I see differences with the gog version.

(I have to check, but maybe I had the idea 15 years ago to save it on a disk, the problem is to find that disk now)

EDIT : Ok, I don't have the patch, but i had a copy of my whole Program Files/Soul Reaver 2 folder on a disk. The problem is : it's the retail version so I need the disk to launch it. I still have my SR2 disk, so I tried and I confirm this is a 1.0.2 version (like the one from GOG) but there's no text problem in the menu (unlike the one from GOG).

The problem comes from the sr2.exe file however. (I tried the GOG exe with all my other backuped files, still have the problem, then tried my backuped CD's exe with all other gog files : problem solved). As it is the retail exe patched with 1.0.2, you still need a SR2 disk to launch it, wich is not a valid solution. But i'll continue to dig and keep you in touch.
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DirectX Xinput controllers support only Xinput games. Use DirectX Dinput aka General PnP controllers or pads with Dinput<->Xinput switcher. Not a Xbox or Playstation controllers.
There is no problem with both EN and FRE GOG versions of that game.

P.S. SR1 not support analog sticks pads. With analog-off (if paid have that) any gamepad work well in SR1. Again, except consoles pads or they clones without Xinput switcher.

UPD:Something strange in SR1 (fre): gamepad work well with analog sticks. Exactly that gamepad in analog mode on PC that I tested before. Circle running* glitch happen in non-analog mode! Ridiculous...

I check EN version with Dinput controller and it not work in main menu. Work well in gameplay, recognize in menu (controls switcher to Gamepad+KB). In both analog and digital mode I can reconfigure buttons in settings, but outside that windows gamepad buttons do nothing. You must start new game using your KB. Analog mode in gameplay work as it must work (digital - arrows moves and function keys, analog mode - moves and camera).

There is no "autodetect"... actually auto switch to gamepad. You must go to controls settings and change it to Gamepad(+KB).
Main menu in FRE have some text strings messed. Cant say if that critical as in previous DEU versions... YES, it critical. Key binding menu for gamepad lead to crash. I Didn't try load it from gameplay - too long cut-scenes. Check yourself. If you have CTD too - ask support for fix this. Especially if you have patched retail backup files
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I also noticed the camera control is really slow with the GOG version compared to my retail version.
Yeap, anyway, I'll contact support to see if they can do something thanks to the files I can provide.
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Hello vampires ;)

Just to let you know that I had the same issue and I fix it by using an altered exe from a backup disc file...

I send a report to the GoG support team like TheBlindBatman with all the files needed to fix it, I'll keep you posted if I have any update.

Interesting enough, that bug leaks an eax feature for the sound engine that make the game crash even on proper eax system (XP+SB X-FI). I was suprized they tried to implement it on a direct PS2 port with such a confidential release (Europe only for the PC version) or it's just a standard parameter of the Directsound3D's implementation.But I'm going a bit off topic now.
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Alcar04: hello all ,
i buy the series in french but soul reaver 2 have menu and control mapping bugged , have you a solution ?
I know exact reason of this problem - gog applied official patch v.1.0.2 to the localized version of the game (French, in your case). Why do I know this? Because I adopted this official patch v.1.0.2 by myself for the localized version 1.0 of the game for my country and - as I know - I am only one who did this for all these years (I am about our localized version).

Of course, I have the appropriate info about this patch and its adopting for the localized versions of the game, so I can sell this info for gog, say, for $1k. They sold to Square Enix the fan-maded patch for SR1 (I am owner of it + I improved it already, though only for Steam users - by adding additional protection against gog - i.e. against thieves; anyone can check this evident fact just by viewing the third logo movie in SR1 with my credentials - I am about string "producer"), I can sell them the needed info because they know nothing about LOK games as they proved this fact already twicely.

P.S.: my additional gift for "no money" - incorrectly (or may be even correctly) applied official patch v.1.0.2 can lead to additional crash in the game (in the Dark Forge, at its start, at the first lattice where hero should use Spectral Realm for moving through this lattice).

P.P.S.: yes, patch 1.0.2 has many useful fixes + support of all 4 movement keys for keyboard instead of only one (forward). Also I know about additional glitch of the version 1.0.2 in the case of using keyboard+mouse - hero can't move forward in the Auto Aim mode when enemy is near. For this purpose there is also additional (secret) fix.

This is not a fix per say, but if you want to play the game with a gamepad until they fix all the translation glitches (option texts and in-game help texts are all mixed up), just run the game in English, go to the options and you can map your gamepad as you want.
After that, go to your gog library and re-download the game in French, run it and it will have the same gamepad mapping as you set with the English version (you still have to choose "manette + clavier" in the controls menu, which you can still navigate somewhat in the French version). My gamepad worked fine that way.
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4 years later, I wanted to replay SR2 and had several issues once again, but after multiple attempts I found the fix that solved everything (crash, UI issue, controle issue, etc.) and it can work with any localized version.

Everything is here :

But here is the step by step I followed, just in case :


- Install both English and <other language> versions separately (I installed the English version, copy-pasted it to another folder, then change the language to French)
- Take the executable from the English version and drop it in the folder with the <other language> install;
- Copy d3d8.dll as swell;
- Launch the game as usual.

N.B : I didn't try with a XBox 360 or Xbox One pad, I used a PS4 pad like last time
The most and moreover one real fix there is language multi support. Better call it improvments again not a fixer. But French localisation originally have buged issues (incorects string) and require fixers (unofficial russians versions too). In case of Fr and Rus kt was bugs and so - fixes.
Anything not bugged cannot be fixed, maximum - improvet. And auther of SR2fixer failed to properly describe it.

There is 0 issues in English version with usual tweaks like Dinput switcher on gamepad, Vsync off +FPS limiter, Disable fullscreen optimisation and proper DPI scaling (last two ones GOG installer can enable automatically).

Rememebr to turn off compatibilies if you apply 3rd party fixes/wrappers/etf.

Blood Omen 1 come bundled with a good (graphics and input +Xinput) DX wrapper. You can try to use it in SR2. Soul Reaver 1 also got such wrapper bundled in update but for some reason this update was rollbacked (seems no reason). You can try to googleit this update by file name or hash.
But come to Rus and FR again. They have incorrect translation files and so reauire real fix. Probably there was official fix, probably GOG include (as i remember they not). Or at least un-official. For un-offifial it is that one fixer linked. New dll(+) that support MULTI is best of its features, mandatory for localisations.
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Anyway its all offtop here. Noobs and lamo-coders themselfs overwhelm every threads with their "fixes" they find out randomly and have no idea how thing working (coders too), lump everything into one pile. All that links have 0 sense regarding French version even with imroved MULTI-support of one of the fixes. French version reauire fixing french loc strings. No more or less - exact specific initial issue. Which probably been fixed back in days, probably not (happened too). The only correct answer for OP post is link to French loc fix.

As i remember SR2fixer did have french specific fixes.

Controls and camera issues, general slownes with or without FPS drops are unrelated to OP issue happened for everyone who didnt tweak their Windows UWP OS (W8+) or at least install 3rd party wrapper. Manually limit FPS, turn off V-Sync/any-sync EVERYWHERE, turn off enhancments in video driver and display setings (OSD/driver). Install d3d wrapper.

To use PS DS pads - wich increase issues - install input wrapper.

Close overlay trash apps.

And game will work perfectly for you. English version will do. None games would work without such prime steps. None games issues if you didnt,and cannot be fixed by game side.
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