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980gtx 16 gig ram 3570k processor high or medium or low details, it's the same.1080p
with or without vsync

camera rotation speed seems to be fps related (it's faster with the gamepad if i change from high to low detail)
and i couldn't check the exact fps with fraps, but camera rotation stutters each x tick (about 1/3 second, very approximatly)

I had this with the Witcher 3 at launch to, especially with the gamepad
so wtih the gamepad (360) camera rotation stutters, a lot, not fluid, with or without the horrid "controller acceleration".
it stutters too with the mouse, but it's less "visible"

Did you check the rotation per frame is related to fps / free fps / time ?
please check, thx

btw, it would be nice _not to have to restart the whole game_ when changing settings, even if only the resolution.

and i cannot play this unless i really want a headache.

about controller acceleration : it looks like useless to me, it's more something to give a headache, but it's activated by default. (stutter is there with or without)

at low details, the roration speed is faster, at the same speed, which is not logic, it should be time related.
And it's still stuttering, if a bit less.

from my point of view, this game is unplayable as it is, because it gives headache, unless you have a specific configuration which makes rotation smooth

(for witcher 3 for instance, it seems it was not the case for everybody, but it was a known bug nonetheless, since it was fixed later)

hope the support will notice this.
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-camera stutter still not fixed, at this date of 19th of july 2016

-i am not alone

-there is a non official fix (i didn't test it, do it at your own risk)

but i won't use it since it's not official, no waranty free of virus, even if it seems honest.
if i pay my game, it's for them to work,
otherwise i'll just use warez and this kind of fix

dev, please fix ths.

i5 3570k, 980gtx, medium details (default) lol.

i bought it and forgot to use my refund -_-
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Sorry for being absent from GoG Forums, we will be here from now on - promise!

Regarding the issue - I hope everything since the launch of Inheritance patch is working fine for you (it also should work for everyone else) :)
I have stutter when I strafe, that's it. The game doesn't drop frames.

Also, I'm not sure if it's the perspective or the speed of movement, or what, but after about 15 minutes I feel like puking.

It's like back in the day when I played Doom, my first person game, where I'd have the same issue, but I haven't had it since then.... until now...