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now the videos a stuttering :P

Please be caution - use my steps at your own risk!

Hope someone can confirm it that the ingame 3d graphics works without flickering mouse or slowndowns!


What i did:

1) installed nglide 1.02 (don't know if its nesessary)

2) install LOL2

3) loading and extract from this website:

4) copy glide2x.ovl (DOS) and glide2x.dll (win9x)

to the C:\Lands Of Lore 1 and 2\DOSBOX (Folder)

(at his point i cant activate the ingame 3d option > its greyed out)


3) loading DOSBox SVN Daum from 25. Jul.2013 7z file

called: 20130725.7z

extract all files and copy & and replace all files in
C:\Lands Of Lore 1 and 2\DOSBOX

5) run the game

6) enable the "Hardware acceleration" Option

With these steps the ingame graphics will run without flickering mouse and slowdowns.

Downside: the movies are stuttering...

BUT: maybe some will find a solution for that.

Then some people need to play the game if the game runs 100% wihout glitches
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I tested your settings on my machine. Game works fine without framerate drops. The mouse flickers a bit but nothing that breaks the game.

The cutscenes work fine for me too. So far the best config for 3dfx for my setup.(winxp)
I am unable to get this to work. "Hardware acceleration" remains greyed out for me. Are there any DosBox settings I could try changing? At least all the Glide emulation settings are switched on.

Isn't step 4 cancelled out by installing that version of DosBox afterwards, as it contains glide2x.ovl and flide2x.dll also and you instruct to replace all the old files?

edit: I figured it out. What I needed to do was to change part of the shortcut to start the game from where it says "dosboxLOL2_single.conf" to "dosboxLOL2_3dfx.conf".
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I cant get this to work.
I get a long line of red text and then the DOSBOX closes.
I think it might have to be related to the amount of memory
that it is using. Does anyone know where to look for
the master DOSBOX settings?

I was able to follow the instructions and got hardware acceleration
to activate, but I got the same screen to come up. I don't understand
what it is telling me. Could someone help me out?
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Got it to work. Had to change the shortcut like the man said above me.
However now it stutters so much to be unplayable. Is there
any fix for this.?