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GOG team, how did you get the game working from local data files instead of CD? Is it possible to make it work this way for the game's Windows version?

Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny originally came with both a DOS and Windows executable. I prefer to run the Windows executable on my old Windows XP system, because it works better than the DOS version in DOSBox.

I still happen to have 3 of the original LOL:G discs, which comes with this Windows executable. The problem is: I can't use this executable with the GOG files! When I copy over the executable and necessary DLLs, the game ends up asking me for the original discs, but the whole reason I got the GOG version is exactly because one of my discs was missing. Also, faster loading/no disc swapping.

So I wonder if anyone has tried to get the GOG data files to work with the old Windows executable, or if anyone knows how I would go about doing this. The GOG team themselves *must* have gone through this too, considering the DOS version just loads local data files. I would like to know how to do it on the Windows version.

Edit: after doing a little research, it seems that the GOG version does a "lolg.exe -CD ." but this runtime flag does not seem to work with the Windows executable.
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