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I couldn't find anything about a bug where the pink stairs don't appear in the citadel so I'm hoping that I've missed something. I killed all the Ruloi, rescued the girls, talked to Dawn an flipped the switch to make the bridge appear (or does it trigger the cannon?). My problem is that there are no pink stairs to climb up to the bridge. Every tutorial I've checked just says "use the stairs after all Ruloi are dead". I don't know what else I can try? Does it have something to do with the three statues of women? Or is it a Glitch after all?

Thanks for your help
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They aren't really pink stairs, but platforms (and they look more purple than pink to me). I can't remember exactly what the trigger is to make them appear, but I do remember than the three naked women statues are strictly ornamental, so that's not it. Most likely the trigger is one of those globes, so go around and make sure that you've activated all of them.