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I recently found Lands of Lore: Guardians of Destiny at goodwill and want to play it on my pc, win10 amd rig. Will I have any issues like trying to play Tiberian Sun/Firestorm?
You'll likely have to use DOSBox and install the DOS version of the game.
It's doubtful the Windows version works out of the box.
The Windows version is my preferred way of playing Lands of Lore 2, and it works great on Win 10 with some minor set up.

Since I own both the GOG and CD version, I usually install the GOG version first then add the missing 3 files to the main Lands of Lore 2 Folder. (LOLG95.exe, LOLSETUP.exe and MSS32.dll)

1. Install Direct X 9.0c if it hasn't been installed on your system before. Restart.

2. Find the 1.30 patch online and update your install. (Gives Hardware Accelerated mode)
*If I recall correctly, the patch program doesn't play nice with DOSBOX, but I was able to find a patch that already had the updated files extracted with a bit of effort

3. Create a shortcut to LOLG95.exe.
Have it run:
Example: "D:\GOG\Lands of Lore 2\LOLG95.exe" -CD.
Set to Win 98/ME compatibility mode. (If Game is freezing disable this. Allows movies to play without slowdown)

4. Copy the contents of the DAT folder into the main folder.
(Alternatively, you could set the Shortcut to: "LOLG95.EXE" -CD.\DAT
I haven't done a full playthrough to see if that causes issues though.)

5. Optional. Use/Install dgVoodoo2 for better color/brightness/graphical options. (MS\x86 Files) (Use Direct 3D 12 Feature Level 11.0 [NOT 12.0]) (Set the Config Folder/Running Instance to the Lands of Lore main folder)

Please note that in the Windows version of the Hardware Acceleration options "Switch Movie Display" and "Switch Automap Display" should be kept off. These were available as speed hacks in case your computer wasn't fast enough and don't play nice in modern Windows.

Also, save files can be used with either the DOS or WIndows version. Great if you hit a bug, as the other version will likely be fine. The WIndows version doesn't have the Cantina bug.
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Thanks for the guide!