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Hello everyone,

I'm having an issue at the Cemetery in lands of lore 2, In the walkthroughs is says I have to click on the barrel so that it flips over and I can roll it down and let the oil inside explode to reveal another room. But for some reason the barrel doesn't flip over, I did everything on the Cemetery I could to see if that may trigger it but nothing seems to work. I got so frustrated that I replayed the ENTIRE game to see if it was some kind of glitch but it still won't work. At this point I have no idea what to do anymore so someone please help me, thanks for reading this.
Post edited July 16, 2017 by Gamerguy828
Hello, I solved my problem now by just going back to the savage forest and doing the cemetery again, for some reason the barrel did flip over this time and i am now able to continue my quest.