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I love old fashioned PC style RPGs. Let me tell you about Orcs vs. Elves on Nintendo DS. I loved the roguelike combined with 1st person dungeon PC game style exploration. This game is like that game, except full voice acting and Sir Patrick Stewart. Are ya fuggin kidding me?

Ok so if I love this game so much (all 3 games) which other games on gog are MUST PLAYS? (I might already have them in my collection but I want to hear all game recommendations)
-From the same developers you can try the Eye of the Beholder series, very similar but with the D&D rules.

-Might and Magic 3-4 and 5 are the next recomendation but they are turn based combat.

-You can try also Stonekeep, one of the last blobbers of the era, from Interplay. gameplay wise is similar to Lands of Lore. Great quality.

-Ishar series are sold in GOG too, but they are worse and harder and the interface is more difficult to use but is another option to try.

-Dungeon hack is another classic, same mechanics but with D&D rules and procedurally random dungeons. The most closer thing to a classic roguelike.

-Anvil of Dawn is another great game in the vein of Lands of Lore. highly recomended. Great pixel graphics, animations, gameplay, and voice acting.

-From the modern era you can play Legend of Grimrock series they were the return of a genre, and they were very good.

There are a lot more, but sold in GOG they are the most obvious elections.

I'll have to take a look at a few of these myself. I've already got Legend of Grimrock and a couple other ones in the Throne of Chaos vein, but I can always use a few more of that sort of game.