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I survived the horrors of the Tower level 3, and did everything to this point, and after 5 deaths, am thinking of just giving her the key. I know there were lizards earlier that stole your items, but I'm doing very little hitting and damage, so have no way to stay alive long enough to win this battle.

Sure was doing fine before, so not sure....but sure seems our chance to hit is way too low. And, the damage on the few times I do, as well.
I usually save the Wand of Death and a few of the Guardian orbs for the Scotia fight. That makes it fairly straightforward to kill her.

Do you have any items like that to help?

Edit: sorry just re-read your post, for some reason I was thinking you meant the Castle level 3 :) Fireball wands could be useful. You can buy them from the Witch Doctor in the swamp.
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