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Hey lads and lasses!

Just bought LoL 1,2&3 - mainly because i played part 2 as a kid and i wanted to revive the experience.
Now..I'm at the beginning of Lands of Lore 3, started my quest in the warrior's guild and wanted to prove myself in the gauntlet-obstacle course.

Unfortunately I can't finish it - between obstacle Nr. 3 and 4 there seems to be an invisible wall I can not cross.
I can see a switch on the left wall, but when I try attacking it with a throwing weapon, the dagger also get's stuck in the wall.. Is this one of the famous bugs which this game has plenty of it or am I missing something?

I attached a screenshot of the scene.

Figured it out by myself:
Seems I had to deactivate bilinear filtering. After that, and loading a fresh savegame, I was able to cross the 'barrier'.
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