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Changelog for patch 1 (added 15 May 2018):

- A player could previously fall through the ground when clicking continue
- The player should no longer be stuck in the basement
- V-sync should now be properly set on startup
- Changed some texts to make it easier to find places
- Fixed outer bounds were a player could move outside of the world
- It is now easier to rebind shift and ctrl for other functions
- Gate rotation puzzles now work better with low-resolution textures
- Keyholes added to doors that were missing them
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Changelog for Patch 2 (added 18 May 2018):

Lake Ridden Changelog 1.2
* A lot of performance improvements, especially in the beginning
* Start game screen was missing an inventory button hint
* Lights would pop in and out in certain places around the game
* The player could get stuck in drawers
* Minor texture tweaks

Fixes that are potential spoilers:
* Ingredients could be added to a finished brew
* The laundry box could disappear under certain conditions
* The projector and its sound should now turn off when leaving it
* The spring was invisible before the player could get it
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Changelog for Patch 3 (added 04 June 2018):

* Added a map of the village area
* Increased contrast on some screens, especially at night
* Improved performance when moving between zones in the game
* Improved performance in the garden
* Improved saving/loading for Island puzzles
* Improved performance and reliability of saves
* Added new frame smoothing for mouse input
* The camera would turn wildly during scene loads
* The game no longer runs in the background
* Changing resolution in the game would be unreliable on some PCs
* Minor tweaks to hints and objectives
* Lots of additional minor fixes

If you experience bugs in the game make sure to drop us an email to and we'll do our best to help you out!
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Changelog for patch 4 (added 14 June 2018):

- Big improvement on performance in low and medium graphics presets for nights (could result in 20 fps higher on some devices)
- Improved fog visibility around the village
- Minor text tweaks
- Controller support

- If you experience bugs in the game make sure to drop us an email to and we'll do our best to help you out!
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Changelog for Patch 5 (added 15 October 2018):

* Improved save disk handling
* Improved performance, especially when moving around in the game
* Small game play improvements
Changelog for Update 1.7.1853 (added 16 March 2021)

Galaxy updated (16 March 2021)
Offline Installer updated (17 March 2021)
Lake Ridden has been updated with a new Unity3d-engine version and a bunch of fixes and tweaks to improve the gameplay experience.

- Updated Unity3d engine version to fix some issues from later windows updates
- Revamped the mouse looking to make it more responsive
- Removed head bobbing and increased FOV to reduce motion sickness
- Performance improvements in most scenes
- Added new option Options/Graphics/Resolution down-scaling if you have issues with low fps
- Visual improves in certain areas
- Changed anti-aliasing to temporal AA for
- Small bugfixes
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