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Changelog until Update 1.0.8 (added 22 May 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (22 May 2021)

V. 1.0.4

- Added a number of corrections to English-language texts
- Fixed a bug where Moore's motive case was sometimes not available when the objective was to submit it
- Fixed a bug where player could fall through stairs in the backyard of Sakura Hotel
- Fixed a bug where some sprites would render in the wrong order in the backyard of Sakura Hotel
V. 1.0.5

- Fixed a bug where the player would be able to leak tha data even if they didn't obtain it
- Fixed a bug where multiple buttons would spawn for the same Sheet
V. 1.0.6

- Fixed a bug where player could get stuck after spamming through dialog in AdSpot
- Improved Cell navigation: auto-selected Logs button is now newest, not oldest
- Small text fixes in EN localization
- Swapped out floor plan next to Mrs. Grindel's apartment with ground floor one to make finding the right way easier
V. 1.0.7

- Fixed player getting stuck when addressing a CDI agent next to Dyson after exiting the train outside the destroyed church
- Fixed player getting stuck when spamming through first dialog with Mrs. Moore
- Fixed objectives UI to prevent overlapping (esp. in German localization)
- Added text fixes from 1.0.6 to all other localizations
V. 1.0.8

- Fixed a bug where Yeung would say she analyzed the explosives even though the player never told the CDI about the second attack
- Fixed a bug where Gary would reference Moore having been arrested even though the player never told the CDI about the second attack
Source: Steam
Changelog for Update 1.0.9 (added 02 June 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (02 June 2021)

V. 1.0.9


- Fixed a bug where characters would refer to Cox as shot or at large when it wasn't the case
- Fixed a bug where Lacuna logo animation would not play when coming from previous level
- Fixed a bug where NPC walk animations would not work properly after smoking
- Fixed music not always playing in Red Herring and Lotus Escort Agency
- Fixed a bug where interrogation with Gonzalez would loop when selecting a certain dialog option
- Fixed a bug where Dyson and the arresting officers would stay at train station for too long
- Fixed camera not following player into a room in CDI HQ
- Fixed animations not playing out correctly when spamming through Cox shootout (EN loca only, coming to all languages asap)
- Fixed a bug where two music tracks would sometimes overlap when confronting Cox
- Fixed a bug where player could trigger wrap-up conversation with Gary after Lotus Escort Agency multiple times
- Various corrections to German and Chinese localizations
- Some other small fixes & improvements

UI improvements

- All Cell UI sounds are now affected by the appropriate audio sliders
- Updating Glossary entries no longer spawns duplicates

Visual upgrades

- Various improvements to level sprites: Sakura Hotel, Rattle Snake Farm, Canal, CDI HQ
- Added furniture to Lotus Escort Agency
- Added animated displays to CDI HQ, AdSpot, Jorus Plaza surveillance van
- Added animated robots to Rattle Snake Farm
Source: Steam
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Hey, thanks for keeping this updated, Hustlefan! I'll jump in to announce that we have just added GOG achievements!

Detailed patch notes for version 1.1.1

- Added achievements! Read all about them below.
- Cars now also spawn in Matuna and Paluhn.
- Added medics to Lila after Gary leaves her.
- Added a hidden special animation for Neil.
- Fixed a rare issue where players would glitch through certain sets of stairs.
- Updated save game version to Lacuna_02 (saves will be always be compatible).
- Updates and fixes in all localizations. Added two missing scene names.
- Other small fixes and improvements.

'Patchable' achievements

We did our best to make each achievement patchable, i.e. automatically grant it to all players that met the requirements to receive it before this patch. This has been possible with most of them, but some track completely new variables – more on those below.

To receive all patchable achievements you (would have) previously unlocked, please start the game and load each existing save file once. In other words: Click your previously used save slot(s) in the profile selection to be taken to the main menu, and you should receive everything you're owed at once. Let us know if you're not getting any achievements you feel like you should be.

'Non-patchable' achievements

There is also a number of non-patchable achievements. These can only be unlocked in a completely new save file – or in an ongoing one if you haven't played too far already:
- Happy Boi / Chonky Boi: you haven't beaten the first level where Neil appears as the protagonist.
- Good Cop / Bad Cop: you haven't finished the Villa level yet.
- She's Got A Point: you haven't had your second conversation with yet.
- Groupie: you haven't been down to Paluhn Market twice already.
- Consumer & Couch Potato: you haven't reached any of the game's finales yet.
- afk?: you haven't beaten the game yet.
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V. 1.1.2

Added settings
- Controller rumble can now be turned off
- Added text brightness slider

Audio improvements
- Corrected various sound effect timings (e.g. train doors, roof scene)
- Added new sound effects (e.g. dialog UI, closing doors)

Art improvements
- Polished some environments (Drovia, CDI HQ, AdSpot)
- Improved stairs icons
- Various small improvements (e.g. armed drone, hiding extras)

- Added better analytics to track down a rare save game bug
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V. 1.1.3

- Fixed a GOG-specific issue where the game wouldn't load when GOG wasn't running
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V. 1.1.4

- Fixed a bug preventing players using Chinese localization from progressing past AdSpot

V 1.1.5

- Fixed Healthy Lifestyle and Corion Church achievements not triggering reliably
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Performance improvements

- Vastly reduced GPU & CPU load, the game should now achieve higher FPS on weaker machines
- Sturdier code at low FPS, which prevents bugs when the framerate does dip
- Eliminated FPS drops when loading UI
- Eliminated animation stutter when moving

UI & settings

- Text and voice language can now be set independently
- Language of each save game is now displayed in selection screen
- Added double-check for leaving settings with unsaved changes
- Added a 'restore defaults' button to all settings menus
- Improved 'progress icon' indicating different phases of an ongoing dialog
- Improved controls & icons for PlayStation controllers

Fixes and polish

- Eliminated bugs where player would overshoot, glitch past, or slide down stairs
- Numerous new animations, new Extras, more CDI agents, and other eye candy added
- Fixed some text and VO errors across all languages
- Various small bug fixes

Language update

- Added Malaysian translation (text only)
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