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I love this game but am lousy with sliding puzzles. I know what the answer is (from the adventurer's guide) but I can't get there no matter how I slide the numbers around. Can anyone give me or direct me to a step-by-step direction for solving this puzzle? I am willing to start the game over again in order to get back to the puzzle's starting configuration.

I really want to finish this game but right now I'm stuck at the brick wall. :-(
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I found this, maybe it will help you. ;)

"Get the top row correct. Now...leave that row alone. You now have 10 outer tiles and two inner ones (looking only at the bottom three rows). Get the outer tiles in the correct order by putting, one at a time, them in the inner spaces and rotating the outer ones until you can swap that tile into it's correct spot. Repeat 10 times to get all the outer tiles correct. If the inner tiles are not in the right order, fiddle around some more..."
Thank you triock, I will give your suggestion a try. If it works I won't have to start the game over again. I'll let you know if I was able to complete the puzzle without pulling my hair out.