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I'm replacing the laptop I play this on and don't appear to see the save files in any of the usual
places (Documents, AppData). Can anyone give me a hint where and what I'm looking for?
Edit: It appears somehow my saves somehow got deleted, so it has become a moot question, but
answering this in the forum may still help others.
Edit 2; Answering my own question: In Windows 7, they are located in the Documents folder of the
user in a folder named "NIGORO". I don't know if I should delete this topic or if this may help
Edit 3; new, relevant discovery and question: I discovered launching the game from the link
created by the installer uses the directory referred to in edit 2, but I found that the reason I
couldn't find my saves as stated in edit 1 was because I usually launch it from a steam shortcut,
which apparently created a separate save location. The new purpose of this question thread
is: Where does the game save when launched with a Steam shortcut?

Edit 4: Problem is mysteriously resolved.
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