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EDIT: Disregard that, GOG has apparently fixed this on the store page.

When I was looking for La-Mulana's store page on GOG I found it strange that the title of the game is written without a dash there unlike in official resources and Steam. I asked GOG support about and this is their answer:
Hello, according to Mobygames, it is actually not a dash, but a weirdly-placed dot: You can even see the original Japanese title there, which has this sign as well. Unfortunately we were unable to incorporate this sign and I doubt any non-Japanese person could type it without changing the coding in their keyboard, so we chose to leave it with a space instead.
I still doubt that this was worth it because it can cause problems to people as GOG's search engine doesn't consider dashes equal to space symbols so anyone who naturally will type something like "la-m" won't get La Mulana in search results. I am going to report this to support so that site's developer team fixes the search engine. Just wanted to let GOG community know about the reason the title is spelled like this on GOG, feel free to discuss.
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