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Why Games in Development?
“It's dangerous to go alone.

A game of Kynseed's scope requires the sort of feedback and insight that only players can provide. It's also equally important to us that we have open and accessible development where you good folks can not only help craft the game but also be part of a larger community. This game all began as a mere twinkle in our eyes, and we've been hard at work crafting that original idea into a full RPG sandbox experience. Having all of you along for that ride will make both the ride and the game all the better.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Games in Development?
“We game developers are notoriously bad at predicting dates. It's as if someone snuck into all our homes and nicked our calendars. So although predicting the future is beyond our supernatural powers, we are looking at minimum of a year after our launch on Games in Development. Maybe longer depending on how many bathroom breaks we take.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Games in Development version?
“Many of Kynseed's more unique features are still yet to come, such as aging, generations, the family tree, and additional story elements. We also plan to expand the world of the game significantly. Currently we have 1 Haven consisting of 14 Regions as well as most of the 2nd Haven. Our plan is to have 6 Havens in total, a few hubs, various combat zones, and realms beyond.”

What is the current state of the Games in Development version?
“Currently, the initial Games in Development version covers The Prologue of the game which includes:

- 19 regions within the Vale (the haven you call home) and a few regions beyond.
- A wealth of charming (and not so charming) characters to interact with.
- All four seasons to experience.
- Combat against some energetically mischievous foes (currently in its first draft).
- Numerous items to find and collect on your travels.
- Tasks and events spanning your first Summer, with more to come.
- Blacksmith apprenticeship (currently in its first draft).
- Nearly 2 hours of beautiful music with far more planned for the future.
- Keyboard & Mouse plus Controller support with an interface that switches seamlessly between the two.
- And a large number of appalling puns and word plays.

And of course, we'll be adding a great deal more as we go along.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Games in Development?
“We plan to gradually raise the price at certain points when the content and features meet the right level of quality. We will always aim to deliver a full experience and never fleece you with dirty words like 'add-ons' and 'microtransactions'.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?
“We're a very approachable bunch and we pride ourselves on being the kind of team you can always chat to. It's incredibly important to us that we involve the community in every aspect of the development process. We're always available for chatting on Discord (, our forums, GOG's forums, and of course via Twitter ( Regardless of where you find us, you're always welcome to come say hello, ask questions about game development, share your ideas, or just hang out with us during our workday (or yours!).”
Well I have a few questions for you!

1. How do we fight? Realtime? Turn baced?
2. Will there be some kind of magic system? I am asking because you mentiond "dark faery tale creatures".
3. What kind of weapons can we expect? Sword, axe, mace, lance, bow, crossbow and so on?
4. How long is one ingame day/year?
5. Is there some way to extend your life? Like vampirisem or necromancy?
6. How deep is the dialog system? Do we have a few specific things we can ask the NPC's or will there be a Sims like interaktion?
7. Will we have a reputation? In regard to fractions as well as singel NPC's.
8. Will there be joinable fractions? Or can we eaven create our own and invite NPS's into them?
9. How will the Trade system work? Does a vendor have certen items or is it baced upon what is produced lately?
10. Since there wil be conflicts, will there be non violent aproaches to solve them?
11. Since we are to play our childeren, how will romances work to get them? And can we freely decite to switch to the next generation?

Well I'm not a native english speaker so I hope I did not to many mistakes^^ That are my questions for now. I'd be happy to see them answered soon ;)