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When will there be a patch for Greenport bug, where a mob should be killed, but instead after spotting it blocks the advancement? (noted in the log as "kill ???")
Steam already had a patch for that I believe.

They comment as:

- A bug causing a corruption of the mission state in Greenport (Mission 4) where the payer was not able to enter the save zone.
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Hello, we have fixed this issue and we will release a new version soon.

Thanks for the update, but how soon is soon? Days?

Edit: ah, I just had to load a save from before I entered the city. So everything is OK now.
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Another patch is also out on Steam.

I'm current facing the mission 3 glitch.
I cant finish mission 4 because the bridge bug is already there. What do you mean by coming soon@ tangrim_cavit?
Now I'm on the mission 6 with the same "kill ???"- bug
Yep unfortunately kill?? bug on mission 6, I tried ti start again from the city (miison 5 end file) but I got the same error again. :(
Any ideas how to avoid this?
Hi, we will upload a new version early next week. (Monday, Tuesday), sorry for keeping you guys waiting.
tangrin_cavit: Hello, we have fixed this issue and we will release a new version soon.

I am glad to see you are listening, but this has reminded me once again why I should not buy a game from GOG anymore ... quest line is broken, bug happens, you already fixed it and once again GOG is lagging behind in releasing patches.

It's sad really because you get more money in your pocket from sales from GOG than from Steam but GOG is becoming frustrating. I just hope GOG people are reading this. You have my permission to forward it to them on my behalf if it can help.
You're absolutely right.

I have several bad experiences with new games and GOG patches delays. It's a shame. I won't buy any new games from GOG until it had passed a couple of months or so.

I really like GOG, but it isn´t such a great idea for new games.
Now I'm trying to get a refund, but GOG told me to contact for that, VSevil told me to contact

Edit: I do like the game but starting multiple (atm 2) levels again is a bit too much, because who knows how many levels are bugged.
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New build is ready and is being currently upload to GOG. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. A new update with some cool changes will be uploaded later this week.
Thanks a lot.!

I can´t hardly wait to continue my adventure. :)
14 hours later still no patch... :(
It will be live soon, it has been uploaded and GOG needs to set it live.