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Kyn got an update today:

Patch #2 added 13.08.2015

Added v-sync option in the graphics options menu.
Added locking mouse to single screen in multiple monitor setup.

Added Toggle to show or hide loot labels.
Clarify that the blacksmith isn't in town until mission 2 is completed.
Moving the crafting components vendor closer to the blacksmith.
Make regroup area clearer/larger in mission 7.

Clarifying what equipment a warrior can and can't equip.
Fixed Kiera's health regeneration when out of combat.
Fixed an issue with equipment comparer.
Fixed an exploit in mission 9 where infinite enemies would spawn.
Fixed path finding in mission 7.
Fixed Catapult animation glitch.
Fixed Giant animation glitch.
Fixed bug with turning in mission 3 when you had 35 villagers rescued.
Fixed an issue where the gate in mission 15 wouldn't open after destroying the trebuchets.

Fixed an issue where the data from Thorfinn was overridden in Mission 11.
Other various minor fixes and tweaks.

Patch #3 added 13.08.2015:

New Features:

Camera rotation. Enable it via the options menu, it's disabled by default. In some levels the edges of the map is visible when the camera is rotated, this will be fixed in the next update.
New highlight system, when selecting a Monster, NPC, Chests etc an outline is shown making it visually easier to see what your selecting.
New selection system, selecting monster and NPC is now better with our new selection system.
Options added to the pause menu.


Fixed Kiera icon in Town where it would flicker between yellow and white.
Fixed falling through the bridge in Mission 7 after a load.
Fixed issues with some steps in Mission 4 where the characters couldn't get back up.
Fixed "The Choice" Achievement it wasn't given when completing the game.
Fixed Cursor in multi- monitor configuration.
Fixed Gigas Key in Mission 15

Fixed loot respawn in Mission 1
Due to problems with the mouse cursor we had to temporary revert the changes made to it. Some players where unable to progress because of it.
Fixed an issue with bloom settings.
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Patch #4

- Popup in the Crafting screen wouldn't always close.
- Mission 5 labyrinths fixed. In some cases the player couldn't save or continue the mission.
- Loading screen now shows the correct mapped button text
- Selected filter is no longer reset after closing the market/equipment menu's
- Other various tweaks and fixes.

New features
- Camera now also rotates in Town
- Town Mission Map added. Press [M] and select the type of view from the dropdown located in the upper-left corner of Mission window.
- Town map is now completely visible, no need to explore it.
- Quick Load confirmation before loading
- Load Latest confirmation before loading
- Quit to main confirmation before exiting to main
- Quit to desktop confirmation before exiting to desktop
- Support for mouse buttons with up to 7 buttons. (Mouse0, 1 en 2 aren't assignable yet)
- Rotate Warrior in Equipment panel.
* Note: I have the game now. This update isn't yet available in the GOG version. The Steam version has it. It seemed like these two fixes listed below relate to Steam issues only.


New version available #5

This is a small update.
- We fixed in issue in with the Settings. In some cases they weren't always saved.
- Fixed an issue with the completion difficulty level. Brutal and Legendary achievements weren't given when it should.
In order to get these trophies just load your save and make your choice again at the portal.
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