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I just got the game, but the install process is interrupted by Avast, blocking a file as in the picture attached.
Anyone had the same thing? I submited it as a potential false positive, but than again, who knows?
avast.jpg (42 Kb)
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I'm sure it's false positive, but just to be sure I'm going to donwload the game and try to install it (I have Avast too).

edit: Yep, same thing. Strange, looks like something went wrong with Avast since last update as I see a lot of people complaining about this issue with GOG games. :/
Thing is, I even uploaded this file (different name then yours, but I'm sure it's the same file) on and this is the result O.o -
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Now, that is strange.
Funny thing is, I actually switched to using Avast, because I was getting too many false positives from AVG back in the day.

I hope it will be sorted out. The button to exclude the file from scanning doesn't seem to be active also, so I can't install the game without fully disabling antivirus.
Crusader_bin: I hope it will be sorted out.
Yeah, I hope for this too as I don't want to switch to another AV. Anyway, don't worry about disabling it for a couple of minutes. ;)