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Hello Gog users,

Like me you probably loved KKnD as a child. The music, the humour, the insanely difficult gameplay, everything.

Unfortunately I use windows 7 64 bit, and had been unable to install the original CD on to my computer. When this game listed on Gog, I instantly downloaded it. I immediately noticed a few issues.

Issues I noticed with the gog version:
Problem 1) colour palette - the game looked distorted when it ran
problem 2) Saving/loading - the game crashed if i tried to save or load a game


Problem 2)
- **IMPORTANT** Before you install the game, you need to right-click the installer and run it as administrator
- DO NOT install the game to the default gog folder. Select a new installation path.
- I used the installation path of Local Disk C: Program files (x86)
- this fixed the saving/loading crashes for me.

Problem 1) I right-clicked the shortcut that installs to the desktop, clicked "properties", selected "run in compatibility mode" and then selected from the drop down "compatibility mode for windows xp service pack 2"

The above fixed all my problems when running KKnD Xtreme for Windows 7 64 Bit.

I hope it works for you.

This is a great game. Have fun!

- Ansimov
Thx alot man.. i try now :-)
"game files not found"