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Hey guys,

Seem to be having a problem loading into KKND and, tbh, it's the exact same problem I have loading in to Nox.

The screen on startup is black with a tiny image in the top left corner which duplicates the same movement over several lines. Tried to grab a screen shot of this, but it only shows a black screen as if there's nothing there at all.

My native resolution is 1920x1080 so I suspect it may be something to do with this, but can't figure out what to try for the life of me.

Can't find any .ini files to manually adjust the res and I've already set all available .exe's to run at 256 and 640x480, but this has no effect, even running as Admin.

There are no config options within GoG Galaxy and nothing I do seems to make any difference.

Anyone got any ideas?

System specs are:

AMD 8350 - Not overclocked
GeForce MSi 970
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