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there is a new mod for kknd2 that lets it run at 1080p or any other resolution even in a window. It is available at moddb dot com. The mod is called KWIP . It works just fine with the gog version of the game.

Check it out...

couldn't seem to post a link to it so here it is:

www dot moddb dot com / downloads / kwip-high-res-patch-for-kknd2
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added a pic of it running in a window
k_window.jpg (331 Kb)
added pics of it running at 1920x1080 and 2560x1440.
k_1440.jpg (386 Kb)
k_1080.jpg (344 Kb)
Very nice. Any issues with using this hack?

I noticed how the fog will 'dance' a little at the edges of the shroud. It's a small issue, tho
So, after testing this hack out.

The good:

1. Up to at least 1080p.
2. 60 FPS.

The bad:

1. Small glitches at some resolutions, but not all. 1680x1050 = GUI not perfectly aligned when clicking on the buttons. Visually it looks right, tho. 1080P is perfect, at least, to my knowledge.

2. It changes the starting res values in MP, and you cannot turn this feature off. Like, you have a choice between '3000' and then the next is a whopping '50,000' where it normally would be '5,000'. So you cannot select the standard value for a normal match which is pretty bad. Lowest non-deathmatch is only '3000' now.
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Version 2 of kwip is on the way up at moddb. In it the oringanal multiplayer moneys are back as is the option to run it at the oringinal 30 fps speed. The gui glitch at 1680 width happens as the game assumes the width is a multiple of 32 pixels. A might post a fix for this at a later date if I can.
So you're the maker of KWIP? Thanks a lot for version 2, mate. :)

It is a whole other experience with your program. It feels truly HD now. It's going to be great for LAN parties !

I have a small question, would it be possible to change how mouse 2 is used for scrolling? In newer games right click scrolling is mostly removed because it can get in the way of microing, so now it mostly only deselects. It's not a big thing, and I'm used to it in older games, but if I could, I'd turn it off. Again, it's not a big thing. Also, it seems that ',' in KKND2 only deselects, so I could also bind that to 'mouse 2', instead.

By the way, about what I said about shimmering at the edge of the shroud. It only happened for my laptop which runs at 1366x768, but I admit that I didn't test if it was even an issue with your program or if it was related to something else. That was lazy of me. So just ignore that until I do proper testing. It is known that how your monitor handles sharpening of the picture can cause such 'glitches' to how the fog in older games is shown. Like, sharpness can even make the fog transparent in older games. Well, enough of that talk. :)


Does 'maxsync' in the config file matter for anything important?


If I make a custom resolution of 1664x1050 then it should be a good temp fix, at least. Is this correct? And decreasing only the width shouldn't cause any blur to the image, even though it isn't native. Edit3: I made a custom desktop resolution of 1664x1050 with my nvidia control panel, but then KWIP wouldn't start.
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I dont know what maxsync does in the config file.

kwip/ kknd2 wont start and just exits without any error message if Windows would not create it a (fullscreen or not) window of a particular resolution. If 1664x1050 doesn't work there isn't much I can do about it sorry.

I may be able to remove right mouse scrolling. Is that what you want, if I make an option that just completely disables right mouse scrolling? Anything else while I'm at it? (no promises of be able to do it though).
Thanks for answering my questions. :)

Sure, completely removing right-click scrolling would be great, if you could manage it. So if right-click only would deselect. However, I noticed that you cannot adjust the keyboard scroll speed in-game, and the keyboard scroll speed is very slow at default. What I'm trying to say is that without being able to adjust the keyboard scroll speed, somehow, you pretty much need the click right-click scrolling, because it's so much faster at high res.

So, in short,

> completely removing right click scrolling would be great


> only if you being able to adjust the keyboard, somehow.


I found out something interesting about 60 FPS.

If you use 60 FPS, but lower the game speed from 512>256, then how fast units travel will be the same as 30 FPS at speed 512. However, buildings will still be built at half the normal rate.

So the conclusion seems to be that you cannot play with 60 FPS without screwing up the built time on buildings at the moment, unless you could make buildings built at double the rate for 60 FPS. That way, you could use game speed '256' with 60 FPS, and buildings would build at the normal rate. Of course using 30 FPS is also a solution, but at the cost of the benefits of 60 FPS.
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Thanking you kindly, mod is great work.
version 3 of kwip is on the way up at It fixes build times when running at 60fps. Also added the option to disable right mouse fast scroll and adjust keyboard scrolling as requested.
JoJoJoJoMe: version 3 of kwip is on the way up at It fixes build times when running at 60fps. Also added the option to disable right mouse fast scroll and adjust keyboard scrolling as requested.
Damn, this is an impressive update, JoJoJoMe ! I cannot wait to try it out. I'll report any feedback if necessary.

You have my respect (:
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I found a solution for adding the odd resolution of 1644x1050 in a way that the game understands. This will fix the interface alignment of 16:10 monitors.

For Nvidia users,

>Don't add the resolution through the CPL. The game won't see it.

>Use instead the program 'ToastyX' to add the custom resolution. The program will edit the EDID, unlike the CPL.


For ATI users,

See link (custom resolution added through the reg database).