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hey guys.
great game, played it in 1993 or 1994 yet as a kid.

I have checked the walkthrough...but, my game is in german. so it is hard to find; sometimes it isn`t

I have a chest, it is shortly after moving from silden to romney, after the cross to north and west.
there was an ambush before, and the note was from one companion "the did protect something"
and in a small parts of woods, there were 3 chests. one was the word "BARD" one is to crack, but James with 71% can not open it yet.
the text is in simple translated english: It is the symbol of untamed love

I have checked the chests words in the walkthrough for 50%, used "ctrl+f " and love or untamed.
I was thought it must be around the "BARD" chest. but it is not.

any ideas?
and I need to translate it ;)



another question: the motherlode code is alt # right shift + ~
the ~ is with alt-Gr today. what was it in 1993 ? and what is this code? a extra chest for inventory?
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gunnaregg: Hello fellow Krondor fans!

I just wanted to thank you for keeping the BaK help web alive and you, vga256, for re-hosting the whole site! The original author was Eysteinn Björnsson, an old friend of mine who unfortunately passed away at the end of February this year, at the age of 67. The site went down when he stopped working for the University a few years ago and they purged his webspace. That also included an amazingly detailed analysis of old Norse poetry and manuscripts - which will soon be re-hosted by the Icelandic Ásatrú Fellowship (the Pagan/Old Norse society) on a new website they are working on.

Gunnar Theodór
I just found this post. My condolences to you Gunnar and your family.

As one of the BAK programmers, I loved Eysteinn’s BAK Help Web site and corresponded with him several times on related topics quite awhile back. It’s a nice tribute that it’s continuing to be hosted elsewhere @vga256, still helping BAK fans across the globe.

So sad to learn about the passing of the author, I spoke with him about BAK on Windows NT in 1998 and I still have the ZIP of his site on my Google Drive just in case.
The "BAK Help Web" is the best online resource ever created for the 1st game – so thank you for "re-hosting" it, vga256. However, even in this masterpiece I've found a few errors and inconsistencies. What do you think about creating an "errata collection" or something alike at the same online location?
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