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I am using Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS. My Mouse is not working in game.

The mouse moves the cursor around, but I cannot click on anything. Options do not turn yellow when clicking on them, and nothing happens.

I can use the keyboard to select options.

Plugging in a controller (XBox 360) allows me to select and change options as normal.

If I select "Input Mode" "Mouse + Keyboard" (changing from auto) the controller still works, but the mouse still does not.

The controller is not usually plugged in, unplugging and rebooting does not help.

The only time the mouse works is at the loading screen and you get the icon to click the mouse (or the option to press A if my controller is plugged in), if you click it at this point then it does register, but does not after this point with any of the menus.

Any ideas?
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