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Why did you decide to join games in development on GOG?

Firstly, we truly appreciate the personal approach GOG is taking in regards of the games they support. With the always-increasing number of games being produced worldwide, we believe that a distributor that handpicks and follows closely its games is the way to go. It creates a healthy relationship between the content creator, the distributor and the customers.

Secondly, we are strong believers in GID’ 14-day refund policy. As a developer, this policy serves as a good metric to see if our message to gamers is both clear and appealing. It is also reassuring for the customer, as he knows that if he does not like how the game evolves or doesn’t get what he expected, he can get his money back, no questions asked. In short, we see GID as a very positive place to show our game, gather feedback and create the best experience possible.

Finally; DRM-Free. We want people who buy the game to actually own it. We have nothing against people sharing our game with friends and family; we are from the game cartridge era, after all ;)

Approximately how long will Kôna: Day One be in early access?

Between one and three months. Before launching the game, we want to take the time it takes to respond to players’ feedback and fix issues that may arise during the early access period.

What do you plan to change during development?

In addition to our plan to implement community-driven changes, these elements are already expected to change:

- Journal: We will revamp the journal to make it look better and to allow the player to better keep track of his progress.

- Map: The map is work-in-progress and will do more than only display icons.

- Photography: We will add photo missions in order to put emphasis on some important story-elements.

- Crafting: We will rework the way crafting works in the game so the player knows what he has to find in order to craft or repair things.

- Narration: We will add, remove and change some voice overs to make sure the story is well-communicated to the player

- Performance: We will drastically improve the overall stability of the game so it can run on as many computers as possible.

- Plus: We will make the UI more readable, move objects positions, add sound effects, tweak music loops, fix bugs, add more languages and adjust the controls.

What is the current state of your game?

Kôna: Day One early access version contains between 25 to 30 percent of the whole experience. Still, it shows off the main gameplay loop. It does contain bugs, many are known, others are not. We would call it a “restricted beta” as it is nearly feature complete, but is limited to a small region of the game in order to avoid spoiling the final experience. Kôna: Day One is an adventure game after all :)

Will the price change on release day?

Yes. People who buys it in early access get a 30% discount.

How can the community participate in the development process?

Via the GOG Forums. We are also easy to reach by email, on Facebook and Twitter. That being said, we encourage everyone to share ideas in the forums as it allows other players to give their opinion and see our response.

How often do you expect to release updates?

We plan on releasing one update per week :)

Many improvement for azerty keyboard in this GOG release ?
jul16ares: Hello,

Many improvement for azerty keyboard in this GOG release ?
EDIT: Programmer tells me it's now working. An option has been added in the controls settings. We'll see if we can auto-detect in the future.
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How do I save my game?

The game saves automatically when you go near a heat source. If you see a "flame" notification on the left part of the screen, it means your game has been automatically saved.

You can also save manually around these heat sources: Open menu/inventory, System, Save Game.

How do I load a game while playing?

You can do it from anywhere: Open menu/inventory, System, Load Checkpoint. You can select from which checkpoint you want to start.

How can I delete a save file?

Press "Delete" on your keyboard over the save you want to delete.
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