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No matter how many farms/mills/bakerys I build all my people starve to death. Any tips on this?
you mabye have stopped delivering of food to inns? of course you need inns first

Following link is a little guide (focused on food production), this is usefull, but be aware that part of the fun of this game is found your self usefull strategies, so maybe you don't want to read it.

And ouf course you need an existing path (diagonals not allowed) between every building. Buildlings with more people visiting them (like INN) for example are usually good idea to be builded more than once and you must put in front of them a 3x3 road square.

note also that road have to be builded attached to a building door
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I find that if any link in the chain falters even a bit, often your entire economy will fall apart. Assuming you have covered the basics as Dario mentioned (roads, enough workers, Inns, etc) make sure your production chains are laid out well. Sticking with bread production, I usually create two farms at 15 spaces a piece to supply one mill. The mill then supplies one Baker (you can sometimes stretch this to two but it depends on a lot of other things). I will usually allow the farm to generate at least a small amount of wheat before building the mill, and likewise for the baker. Not that you have to, but i find if you have enough to stock the production facility right off the bat upon its completion it results in less dead time.

Some other things to watch out for... Large armies eat a lot... Make sure your warehouses are setup to accept whats being produced. If you block Bread for example, your entire production line will cease when the inn is full. Make a Plaza in front of your stockpile and Inn. Usually a three lane road for me, the less one way roads you have the better. Massively speeds up all industries to not have your peasants spend 10 minutes excusing themselves to one another as they pass by on a single path.
There are some good tutorials on Youtube which might help you with your village building, such as this one:
It's in the KaM Remake not the original game (which you're discussing here), but there are few differences in game logic so the same village should work in either :)
tinyE: No matter how many farms/mills/bakerys I build all my people starve to death. Any tips on this?
I realize some time has gone by on this, but one of the first things I build after getting the quarry and lumber mill going is 2 to each other, 6x3 vineyards each, or 5x4 each. Wine really helps through out the game. I try to organize my store houses, one that takes in raw food resources and flour...Another that takes in all rock, timber and lumber...another that takes in all mined materials, gold and steel after smelting...and another that deals with finished food stuffs, and make sure they are spaced a good bit apart but close by where the source of their materials come from.
And, since I just started playing this last night, I discovered that if you click on a particular group, there's a "deliver food" button. All my troops died of starvation until I realized that button was there.