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Axiom: Thanks to you both!

I recently got Settlers 6 and I am loving it as much as Knights and merchants. I didnt see Anno 1701 so I thought it wasn't on steam, but seeing you got it on steam I was like... Hmmm, let me look again.

1701 A.D. gold is what I was looking for. And yuppers I got 1701 A.D. for $7 *arm pump*
Soon as settlers 6 is done it is next on my 'must play' list.

Again, thanks to both of yo for your helpful advice.

EDIT: Yeah I would love to see Zeus, Pharaoh and Emperor the Rise of the Middle Kingdom all on GOG *hint hint if any higher up gogers are listening*
Good to hear that you caught it in time. I see it is now back to $29.99. =D
For Axiom,
1404 is on sales in gamersgate for $7.49 today only, but I will pass this one for now since I have too many games in my back log and I prefer buying here in GOG or steam.

BTW. I just finish mission 11 of Knights and Merchants today (again >8hr mission play)
Enemy Nations, which is freeware, is pretty similar, though with a sci-fi setting, and less of a focus on making individual goods for your units. It's more macro-level, so you don't have individual peons running around doing stuff so much, and as I said you don't have a TON of different goods that you're producing, but...

"What other combat strategy game can you actually execute a "starving" strategy? A very realistic approach but only KaM has implement it. "

That's the thing. FOOD isn't much of an issue, but oil is. Your vehicles can still move without it. Just not fast enough to get anything done. It's a lot closer to Outpost 2 than Settlers 2, but it definitely has a really cool emphasis on logistics. Main downside I've seen is that there's no real diplomacy with the AI sides and they're almost more like natural disasters, in the role they play. It pretty much works though.

It's actually kind of like Transport Tycoon only you get to kill things.

Actually, at that, I've been playing Outpost 2 quite a bit lately. I've heard that the first Outpost game was notoriously awful, but 2's pretty interesting. Dunno if it'll ever hit gog though. What makes it cool though is that in the campaign, you're essentially playing against natural disasters. You have to build up quickly, and evacuate. It's almost like a survival RTS. Really interesting.

The Stronghold games are an obvious choice. I've only played Crusaders but it's really good. A lot more combat oriented, and less focused on logistics, mind.

The first MAX game didn't play THAT similarly, but it DID have a really heavy focus on logistics from what I *recall*, and really emphasized combined arms tactics.

I guess the Seven Kingdoms games are sort of similar but I never found them really... they never seemed to work quite right.

And if you're interested in something non combat oriented, as someone else already mentioned, the Caeser/Pharaoh/Zeus games are good. So is SimIsle, though it can be really, really difficult. I just got Tropico during the steam sale and that looks like it's fairly close as well, though again, no combat.
Axiom: EDIT: Yeah I would love to see Zeus, Pharaoh and Emperor the Rise of the Middle Kingdom all on GOG *hint hint if any higher up gogers are listening*
At least Zeus and Pharao are available now. :)
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I really liked to know more similiar games, stronghold have similiar mechanics (you put buildings, units acts on their own), but when played stronghold gives a totally different feelin and anyway in stronghold you don't have to pay much attention at "what to build and where", while KaM requires great micro management and long time planning. Very good game :).

Zeus and Pharon are great games too (And also Caesar III), but they need a "more statistical approach."
Units will travel along roads and will choose a direction randomly when they find a fork. So to have all units reach all buildlings you have most to build into straight lines/ circles. More complex path are possible if Great Numbers Laws allow you to make most buildings reachable 99% of times, but in most games I always end with straight lines.
If you want more fun with Knights and Merchants, you should search for "Knights and Merchants Remake".
They improved KaM and now you can even edit your own maps. Check it out, it's really cool.