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I tested if 2 farms working together as one go reseeding and another go harvesting.

Considering that farm takes a long time to regrow I tested if splitting crops harvest time could improve harvesting time as there is always one grown field opposed to big boom and wait period.

It works but it takes to much time and effort that gives 1 title less to harvest for same results.
In general, more than 16 squares of the farm could even lesser his workflow.
For 2 farm working together, 18 squares field layout in this way give best results as there is no wasted square or waiting time.

But there is other info that I get from testing how well one supply mill/swine farm compared to other:

a) 1 mill 1 farm ratio is perfect but because of hunger absence there is a minuscule loss over time
b) 2 separate farm give a little more than a pig farm needs. 2 farm working together as shown here give the best number of wheat to them but similar to above a minuscule loss occur.

So I suggest that 2 farms working together is a good idea for feeding animals as it takes less space for similar results.
If only 2 farmers didn't unnecessarily go for the same spot it could work even better.
kam2.png (443 Kb)
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I have no idea if this has improved AI, but I thought I'd throw a link to it anyway.

Additional to your notes, the game does outright recommend 16 tile farms in the tutorial, but your research is interesting.

Why all the paving, by the by?
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