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In the part of the Scrapyard where the two cranes are, where the girls have a competition to see who can collect the most scrap. After completing the competition, I wasn't sure where to go. I picked up both of my bikes with one of the cranes and was able to drop them on the other side of the chainlink fence at the top of the screen. After realizing what I did, I tried to pick them back up with the crane and bring them back to the other side, but the crane would not grab them on the other side of the fence because it was just out of reach.

I walked up to the fence and could mount the bikes that were on the other side. This let me ride around out of bounds which I thought was just a beach until I found there was nowhere to go to progress.

I was stuck out of the play area until I somehow managed to glitch one of the characters on her bike through the wall of junk on the left side of the area with the cranes.The other character was still stuck out of bounds. By mounting and unmounting her bike repeatedly, I managed to glitch her through the wall as well, and was able to progress with the game.

This may be game breaking, but fortunately I was able to glitch back through the junk pile with some persistance. I thought I would mention it in case a dev decides it's worthy of fixing, or somebody wants to replicate it themselves just for fun.
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