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Is there anyway to get around the loading freeze that occurs in KQ6 when interacting with the bookworm and snapdragons on the The Island of Wonder, other than using SCUMMVM?

I thought GOG, whent out of their way to fix these old games so that they were playable?

Everything I've read about this issue suggests the problem is due to a poor application of speech files for the CD version, for a game that was originally meant to be text only.

Is there any truth to this, and if so is it possible to get the text only files as an option on GOG?

Anyone have any fixes?
There is a major advantage for using ScummVM anyway: animated hires portraits (which you can also disable in case you want to).

And there is also another major advantage - getting subtitles + audio at the same time.
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i remember reading on another message aboard that it looks like talking with the spider might trigger the bug.

So you could try restoring do both the snapdragon/bookworm puzzles first before talking to the spider.

or just not talk to spider in case it affects other parts of the game. hope this helps.
You are not supposed to talk to the snapdragons. You are not supposed to do anything with the snapdragons, except for one puzzle that indirectly involves them. Stay away from them if you can.
I'm experiencing this, also. I'm looking to see if I can just get around it in the game, but I hope that someone has an answer besides the recommendation to use scummvm.
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