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I'm having difficulty finding subtitles for KQ7, that is, if they exist

I searched the forum and found a similar question regarding subtitles in KQ5 with an explanation about the version from the original floppies

I just find it hard to believe that KQ6 from right here on GOG had subtitle options but KQ7 wouldn't

Anyone know where I could look? Maybe an option or menu I'm not seeing?
This question / problem has been solved by envisaged0neimage
KQ7 doesn't have an option for subtitles.
envisaged0ne: KQ7 doesn't have an option for subtitles.
well I guess that settles that

I knew it was too much to hope for. Heck, even Phantasmagoria didnt have subtitles, but thanks for the quick response
envisaged0ne: KQ7 doesn't have an option for subtitles.
GRV: I knew it was too much to hope for.
You type perfect American English & are listed as being in the U.S. Not to be rude, but are you hard of hearing?
I'm in the U.S. and hard of hearing. I had to search for a walkthrough to know what to do.
Interestingly there are subtitle text in the files themselves in the game's assets... It could be cool if someone created a mod to incorporate some kind of subtitles into the game.
The sound is very loud or have the possibillity to be very loud, so I'd just crank up the sound/voice, and turn down the music a bit to even it out and make you hear the voiceacting.

Crappy solution, but as long as there isn't any subtitles, the best one I can think of.
It is possible to enable subtitles in KQ7, if you're OK with disabling of voice narration.

Edit RESOURCE.CFG file with notepad and add the following line:
audioSize = 0K
(that is zero-K, not Okay)

Then start a new game.

It looks like the choice between voice and subtitles is done when new game starts, because changing this config option and loading saved game doesn't affect the subtitles presence.
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Sure enough, I can confirm that works :) Just as he stated, you have to start a new game. If you try to play from a saved game it won't work. You won't hear audio or see the subtitles