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When I try to start the game I get the following error message:

"C:\GOG Games\Kings Bounty Dark Side\KBDarksideStart.exe

This application has failed to statrt because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix the problem "

Reinstalling does nothing to fix the issue.

I have Windows XP and more than meet the minimum system requirements (KB: The Legend runs fine last time I checked).

Any ideas?

EDIT: Okay I decided to mess around in the game fol.der and discovered there was an exe file called "KBDarkside.exe" which works to play the game. The file called "KBDarksideStart.exe", which is what the GOG shortcut points to does not work. It appears to be a file created by GOG for whatever reason.

Also there is a Steam file in the folder called "Steam_api.dll" which I assume is one of those files for people into those silly "achievements" and crap playing on Steam or some such.

If anyone has any information on any of this I would greatly appreciate any help.
Post edited November 11, 2017 by SkeleTony