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Just bought the KB series. I've checked Legend, AP/Crossworlds and WtoN and no issues whatsoever. When I installed Dark Side and try to start it, all I get is a Dark Side logo (looks like bat wings centered in the display) and that's it. Plenty of CPU for the app showing in Task Manager, but nothing else. Anyone else?

I'm running Win10 on a Laptop.

Still no resolution to this issue. I suspect screen resolution is causing the apparent hang. Since I can't even get to the Options panel, I've tried changing the game.ini file (at "..\Documents\My Games\Kings Bounty The Dark Side" and not the installation location) to set the appropriate resolution 1600x900). I also tried both the default aspect ratio values (0:0 and set to (16:9). None of this has had any affect. I'm assuming that horizontal is the X direction and vertical is Y.

The last line in game.log is for the soundmanager.

Since this doesn't look to be a common issue I doubt support will offer anything more than their standard lists of things to do. So I'm hoping someone here will have a bright idea to check on.
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I fixed it.

Install "kings_bounty_darkside_2.0.0.5", next install "kings_bounty_darkside_premium_dlc_2.0.0.5" and uninstall this dlc. Now You can play the game.

I have laptop and Win10.
I'm having the same problem as OP: when I try to load the game, I just get the logo, and it hangs for awhile, and then it pops up with a message box saying it crashed. I have Windows 7.

Unfortunately, installing and then uninstalling the DLC didn't work for me. :-/
Is there a patch then? Or an Update?