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After numerous downloads (5 precisely; 4 "normal" 1 with downloader) all I get is a corrupted "setup_kings_bounty-2.bin" file.
I'm on windows 7.
Any ideas?
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I have the same problem. Redownloading now with browser to see if that helps...
EDIT: Didn't work. Wrote support ticket. Hope getting to play soon.
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I redownloaded it too, but still won´t work.
Pls fix soon.
I redownloaded it a couple of times too today, still corrupted, always the same file during installation.. I'm new to this kind of problems on gog, how long does it take for them to reply to support tickets? it was 2 days ago..
I sended them a mail for another issue and haven`t still an anwser on it.
This was 1 month ago.
Tried it again using 3 different methods(browser/downloader/flashget) on 2 different OS's(Win7 64 and XP 32) with no luck.
No response from the support team yet.
We need some answers guys.
In Poland, most people seem to have long, 4-days weekend, so there is a small possibility that it may affect responsibility of support. Relax, have a beer, and wait patiently till they get to it - I know I will :)
I've never understood the problem some have here on GOG with corrupt files. Since it works for most people it's very unlikely a problem with the files on GOGs server so what's left is the users system or their connection to the net. If it is one of the two latest mentioned problems there's nothing GOG can do.
I'm certainly no expert on this but that's how I see it.
Edit: Yeah it works just fine for me.
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I doubt it's a user-side problem, considering we've tried both regular browser downloading in addition to using the downloader (whose purpose is to lower the chance of internet connection problems).
Is it possible that the files are hosted on several different servers, some of which are used when downloading from certain areas? I've tried downloading the file at least ten times between yesterday and now, so if the above assumption is true then I'm getting it from one (or a group of) particular server(s) with a corrupted file.
Of course, if there's only one server hosting the file then I have no idea what's going on.
Current theory: Gnomes and pixie dust clogging the intertubes.
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Blodkjeft: Current theory: Gnomes and pixie dust clogging the intertubes.

I knew it!
Well Norway and Sweden are close geographically and much of Norways internet connections go through Sweden so I assume we should download from the same servers.
On the other hand I use a DNS from [url][/url]. Don't know if that have anything to do with it.
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There's no official response yet.
Friend Tarm maybe the DNS connected you to a different server from the one we were directed to. I cannot explain your success other way.
I don't believe it's a user side issue. I used my Fedora system too, ending up with the same fault. Beside this we are too many users in different countries, using different settings to be all wrong.
That pixie theory makes sense!!!
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I just compared the corrupted file (wich I made a copy of) to the non-corrupted file. The corrupted file is 1.07 GB in size, while the working file is 1.14 GB. It's not only that the corrupt file is shorter: a file compare shows that they start to differ at the very beginning.
Since I had the same error like most other posters here when skipping the file integrity check ( corrupt) I will subscribe to the theory that the problem lies with one of the GOG download servers hosting a garbeled file.
What if you tried using a DNS from OpenDns that I linked to earlier? Would that make a difference?
Tarm: What if you tried using a DNS from OpenDns that I linked to earlier? Would that make a difference?

Both of my files (working + non-working) came from the same server that resolved to the same IP address. But of course I have no idea what kind of load balancing goes on behind the server. I would just re-download it again and again and again and either you get lucky or GOG-support finaly wakes up because their bandwidth is eaten away. Or both. Or none. Or pixies.
Tried switching my DNS to OpenDNS's once and still getting the same error...